The Mantovana Cake

Cakes produced in our laboratory.

The Mantovana cake is appreciated by many Tuscans, even if nobody really knows its actual history and origins. Some say that to nuns of Mantua, during a Pilgrimage to Rome, brought its recipe to Prato. Others say that the merit of this fabulous cake belongs to Isabella d'Este, Marchesa of Mantua, who in 1514 chose Florence as a transit city. Despite the aura of mystery around the origins, this delicious cake has nevertheless found its place in our traditional cuisine.

Torta Mantovana

The Mantovana is a cake suitable for all moments of the day.

It goes very well with hot drinks for breakfast or snacks, or at the end of the meal with a good glass of Vin Santo. The cakes produced in our laboratory, hand-crafted, have an intense aroma and a rich taste, their consistency is so soft that melts in the mouth, leaving speechless even the biggest lovers of sweets.

Each package is carefully hand-wrapped, in this way our Mantovana cake could also be a gift idea for friends and relatives on special occasions, to share moments of gluttony in good company!

Torta Mantovana