Flour and health: we are what we eat

Only Type 1 and Type 2 flours

Our purpose is to offer our clients high quality and innovative products, therefore our laboratory started using wheat flour of Type 1 and Type 2 from certified Italian mills (100% Italian wheat). What is the reason for this choice?

Farine Leonardo Firenze

Unfortunately, nowadays we are inured by industrial food. Our mission is to rediscover the flavors of the past, simple and genuine: we firmly believe that it is important to be aware of what we buy and eat every day, especially because our health derives mostly from our food habits.


For this reason we decided to write an article in which we clarify the consistent difference between existing flours, in order to give our customers more information about the raw materials we use. Compared to the 00 type flour, used by everyone in the food and catering sectors, tipe 1 and 2 are less refined and depleted of their nutritional values.

In fact, type 0 and 00 flours consists of the central part of the grain of wheat, or the starchy part, rich in gluten and sugars, while they are devoid of the nutritive heart of the grain, namely the wheat germ and bran, which are eliminated during industrial grinding. For this reason, 00 flour is harmful to the body, raising blood sugar levels.

Benefits of Type 1 and Type 2 flours

Our Type 1 and Type 2 flours, on the other hand, contain a larger quantity of bran and wheat germ, with the following benefits:

  • They are rich in fiber, mineral salts, vitamins, helping to maintain a balance of intestinal flora;
  • They are ideal for those who must follow a low-calorie diet, since they are characterized by a high nutritional value and greater digestibility;
  • Thanks to a greater hydration of the dough, they give products an unmistakable fragrance and taste, as well as greater shelf life;
  • Finally, from the "technological" point of view, they are able to compete very well with 0 and 00 flours.

Please note that for the processing of our products we use only natural mother yeast and stone ground flour.

Our bread and our biscuits produced entirely with Type 1 and Type 2 flour

Leonardo Firenze
Leonardo Firenze