Artisanal biscuit shop in Florence - Our History

Our story began fifty years ago,

in the heart of Tuscany. Everything started when, in a very small village up on the hills, Leonardo bought a bakery: and started baking bread, schiacciata a typical tuscany flat bread and biscuits.

Leonardo then followed three simple rules: using traditional recipes, using only and exclusively genuine raw materials, and at last following his own insights to make the products of his workshop excellent.

That is why his bakery became a very unique place, which gathered people not only to buy bread but also all the products of fine bakery wares.

But among all, his greates invention stood out: the cantucci with chocolate. His products have always been simple, delicious, handmade, typical flavours of Tuscany’s tradition and culture.

And now, 50 years later, the tradition still continues: in the heart of Florence, in the lovely neighbourhood of Sant’Ambrogio, the son, Marco, is producing biscuits offering the old but also new specialities: from the cantucci with chocolate and orange to the Brutti ma Buoni with pistache, from the traditional Mantovana cake to the Cantucci with figs.

Even though Leonardo is 90 years old, he is still a master baker and he is always teaching us how to make new amazing things just like back in the day: selected raw materials, attention to details and passion are the ingredients necessary that make our products unique.

Cantucci Cioccolato

100% Artisanal products, according to Tuscan tradition and culture

Leonardo, putting a lot of passion and attention to details in his handwork, had always tried to improve himself, so he started elaborating the Tuscan Cantuccini, Brutti ma Buoni and other specialities, remembering some recipes of his mother and grandparents.

One day, fascinated by the idea of creating for the first time in history a new version of the traditional Cantuccini, the chocolate one, he experimented different doughs several times, and, unexpectedly, by making a mistake, he managed to create a unique and inimitable recipe with flavours and aromas never tasted before!

These delicious artisanal products, simple and genuine in the ingredients but refined in the taste, were extremely successful and, for many years, they delighted the palate of many people!

Today, in the heart of Florence...

Today, in the charming neighbourhood of Sant’Ambrogio, famous for its Florentine traders and artisans, we brought back the history of Leonardo and Maria Santi in order to create a unique and original bakery. We established our open-view laboratory and brand new shop in an historical bakery from 1900: here we continue operating by using traditional methods, combining them with refinement and quality of the products and raw materials. The scent of fresh-baked bread leavened for many hours, together with the “schiacciata” Toscana, spreads through the streets of the historic center and the warm and fragrant Cantuccini attract tourists and foodies from all over the world.

Cantucci Castagne e Nocciole
Leonardo Firenze

Still today at the age of 90, Leonardo Santi shares his “know-how” giving his precious advices of master baker. Born and raised in a small and remote mountain village, but with a visionary mentality which has always pushed him to “think big”, his dream of a lifetime has finally come true: bringing his products to the heart of the most beautiful city in the world.

Every day in our shop we combine traditional tastes and flavours with refinement and quality, thinking about those who want to be captured by Made in Italy prestige and craft culture, so much appreciated all over the world. Everything that is produced our laboratory is realized by hand, exactly as it happened in past times, with love and commitment, in order to create genuine products.